Coyana Jukebox

Rip Coyana, from Southern Sweden, started out in spring 2012. Five members who all had played in various southern hardrock bands since long way back.

In june 2012 Rip Coyana started the recording of "The Studio Rehearsal Sessions 2012" which was a selfproduced 2-track single containing "Follow Me Down" & "Push". Released as a rare CD edition and as digital on Spotify,  iTunes, Amazon and more. The second selfproduced single "My Brothers Keeper" was released in december 2012. "Full lenght albums? Why is everybody so obcessed with doing albums containing loads of fillersongs just to make it 12-14 tracks? Isn´t it much better to record a few songs at a time? We like our sound rough & pure, down to basics, we don´t complicate things. Drums should sound like drums, no fake, no samples. Keep it simple. It´s not science, it´s rock!"

Peter Christensson decided to leave the band in april 2013 and was replaced by Peter DeMaltèn (bass).

The band will continue to write songs and record. When there´s enough great material, it´s time for live gigs. We´ll keep you updated right on this page!


Michael Hansson, vocals
Emil Thorsson, guitars
Mikael Sigge Riesbeck, guitars
Peter DeMaltèn, bass
Mats Björklund, drums

Bandname taken from the character of notorius gypsy wildbilly Rip Coyana (born Claudius Rip Coyana 1935-1974) Rip´s lifestyle has been a huge inspiration for many actors & filmmakers (Cary Grant, James Dean, Tarrantino etc.) between the mid 50´s to 90´s.  Rip was the ultimate crossfade between a rough hard-to handle mafioso & true great looking gentleman, well known for his close friendships with the biggest stars of that time. Mr. Coyana where born 1935 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Rip Coyana passed away during a russian roulette duel 1974 downtown San Fransisco where he lived between 1969-1974. Rumours tell that the Coyana family nowadays control huge parts of the informationflow and therefore a search for late Mr. Rip Coyana, most likely gives no hits at all.

Enjoy the new chapter of Rip Coyana!